Advanced Firming & Lifting Skincare Set


The set includes: POME Vanishing V-line Face Mask 1 Box、CERM The Essence 120ml、ActivLayr Premium Intensive Collagen Film 1 Box

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POME Vanishing V-line Face Mask 1 Box
POME Vanishing Strips turn marine collagen into nanofibre to replenish and repair collagen loss due to pollution and ageing, resulting in an instant as well as long-term anti-aging, tightening and whitening effect. The marine nano-collagen V-line face mask is absorbed deep into your skin, mitigating fine lines and wrinkles to provide an instant facelift. Covering your cheeks all the way to your jaw, this mask is designed to chisel your jawline for a more youthful and radiant appearance.

CERM The Essence 120ml
Inspired by an ancient ritual, this clean label skin conditioner contains over 92% BFE Complex. The holy trinity works synergistically with the skin to develop a moisture reservoir to deeply hydrate while immediately helping to smoothen skin.

ActivLayr Premium Intensive Collagen Film
The collagen film contains 99.86% high-concentration marine collagen, with safe, reliable and natural ingredients. It takes 5 seconds for the ingredients to absorb into the skin, and dive deep into the dermis in 50 minutes.


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