HOMIE- Life in Balance Level Up Duo Pack #Tropical Fruit


A vegan, easy and healthy energy boosting drink in effervescent tablet form with a taste of lemon & lime. Level Up contains as many as 8 different B vitamins, (B1、B2、B3、B5 、B6、B7(Biotin) 、B9 (Folic Acid) and B12) which reduce fatigue and exhaustion, as well as vitamin C, which protects against free radicals, reduces fatigue and improves the immune system. Also contains natural caffeine from guarana and green tea which gives you energy instantly.

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15caps x 2

1. Refreshing, instantly replenish energy and nutrition
– Contains natural & vegan caffeine from guarana, boosting brain function

2. Reduces fatigue and tiredness
– Contains 8 different B vitamins which tiredness and improve blood circulation

3. Anti-depressant and prevent mood disorders

4. Strengthen the immunity
– Contains vitamin C improves the immunity

Dissolve a tablet in a glass of water (200-300ml) for a refreshing caffeine free energy drink with a taste of Tropical fruits..

– Recommended daily dose for adults and children over 16 years: 1 tablet.
– Do not take more than the recommended one tablet per day
– Not recommended for children (under 16 years old) and pregnant or breastfeeding women
– Because it contains caffeine, it is recommended to drink before 4 pm
– Please store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight, and keep out of the reach of children
– Not suitable for people who are sensitive to caffeine

Acidity regulator (citric acid, sodium hydrogen carbonate), humectant (sorbitol), sweetener (sucralose), dextrose, guarana extract, flavoring (natural orange flavor, natural passionfruit flavor, orange extract, passionfruit extract), inulin, green tea extract, ascorbic acid, caffeine, corn starch, colour (beet powder, sweet potato powder), niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, thiamine, chromium oxide, pyridoxine, cobalamin, folic acid, biotin.”


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