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■ Material:Body, arm: Polycarbonate
Ball: polycarbonate (white part), ABS + chrome plating (silver section)
■ AC adapter rated:Input: AC100V-240V (50 / 60Hz) 0.2A Output: DC5V 1A
■ Timer:3 minute auto-off
■ Use battery:Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.7V 1100mAh
■ number of charges:(About) 300 times
■ use environmental temperature and humidity:+ 10~40 ℃, 10~85% RH
■ Charging time:(About) 90 minutes
■ continuous use time:(About) 150 minutes ※ RF mode
■ mode:EMS only / warming RF only / EMS + warming RF both of how to use is possible
■ Accessories:AC adapter, USB cable
■ Country of origin:Japan

Online: We cannot ship overseas for online orders

1. Twins Roller
The two rollers along the face line are deeply up and down (the parotid gland, image flow towards the lymph nodes) By stimulating, while raising the temperature of the skin, sometimes pulling a muscle in the power of the more feel the pain, immediate to realize the high gender effect.

2. EMS Function
By weak electrical stimulation, the muscles to contract, tightens lobbying to effectively facial muscles. Of the two-step is possible strength adjustment. The unique design, was to reduce the tingling sensation to the skin and gums.

3. RF heating
Warm and fairly dust by warming RF (radio waves), to achieve a more pleasant effective treatments.

4. Waterproof
Because of the waterproof (IPX5), you can use with confidence to wet face.

5. Cordless
Cordless specification equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. You can use 50 times on a single charge.

6. Overseas Use OK
AC100V-240V adapter.
※ If you are using overseas, please purchase a conversion plug to match the country or region.

LUE BALANCE Hydrating & Calming Serum
Please do not use for the following conditions:
■ Person with neuropathy of the face, skin perception disorder, allergic predisposition / skin disease and atopic dermatitis, person with sensitive skin
■ Person who has undergone embedded surgery such as metal, silicon, plastic on the face by fracture, reshape etc.
■ Person who can not be aware of heat
■ Person who use embedded (planted) embedded and wearable medical electrical equipment (such as pacemakers and electrocardiographs)
■ Person who have skin problems such as contact dermatitis, etc.
■ Person with metal allergy
■ Person with temporomandibular disorder

Please consult with your doctor before using.
■ Person with anxiety on skin
■ Person with malignancy
■ Person with heart disorder
■ Person from unstable period of early pregnancy to immediately after childbirth
■ Person with perceptive disorder due to high peripheral (treetop) circulatory failure due to diabetes, etc.
■ Person of body temperature 38°C or more
■ Person with abnormal blood pressure, facial neuralgia
■ Person who received implant treatment
■ Person with osteoporosis


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