Nine Oriens Tender Balm


An instant face lift and long term hydration serum

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This serum is designed to immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines by temporarily inhibiting the contraction of facial muscles and firming lax skin of the face and neck for up to 8 hours.

Organic Shea Butter Oil: Effectively accelerates cell regeneration, moisturizes, Leaves the skin soft and smooth, UVB protection, Natural sunscreen
Organic Nut Oil: Also known as Liquid Gold, with Omega 3 and 9, it improves dryness, nourishes, balances fats, hydrates and promotes self-healing of the skin
Orange blossom essential oil: can soften the skin and anti-allergic, very absorbent and moisturizing effect, make the skin luster and bright, remove melanin, whitening
Q10: accelerate keratin metabolism, strong anti-oxidation, eliminate free radicals, delay aging
Vitamin E: natural anti-corrosion effect, moisturizing, antioxidant capacity, can make the skin becomes smooth and delicate
Lily essential oil: inhibit melanin hyperplasia, whiten the skin, dilute and prevent freckles and pigmentation, improve uneven skin pigmentation problems, Make the overall color white
Cocoa butter: natural antioxidant, promote cell repair, slow down the aging phenomenon, very moisturizing effect, the formation of the skin protective layer, dilute the scar, eczema, skin
Organic Evening Primrose Oil: Contains powerful omega -3 fatty acids to help skin aging, enhance skin elasticity, help dry, promote skin self-repair, anti-bacterial
Rosehip Oil: Contains plenty of Vitamin C to promote skin self-healing, astringent, moisturizing, toning, fine lines, anti-wrinkle and even color, suitable for dry / sensitive skin
Rose Geranium Oil: Convergence, antibacterial, enhance cell defense function, deep cleansing, balance sebum secretion and promote new skin cells
Organic beeswax: a natural antibacterial effect, increase the skin’s softness and elasticity
Frankincense essential oil: soothing, anti-aging, germicidal n Organic tea tree oil: sterilization, to promote wound healing
Patchouli essential oil: convergence, antibacterial, promote wound self-repair, to scar, promote cell metabolism
Lavender essential oil soothes, moisturizes, anti-bacterial and promotes self-healing of the skin

Thinly apply to any skin that feels thirsty, including redness, itchy spots

For External Use only

Organic Shea Butter, Organic Nut Oil, Neroli Oil, Supplement Q10, Vitamin E, Lily Flower Oil, Cocoa Butter, Organic Evening Primrose Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Rose Geranium Oil, Organic Beeswax, Patchouli essential oil


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