Harnessing the power of cold plasma technology, Plabio presents the PLAMEDI AIR MINI–the perfect companion to help create your personal, sanitized bubble.


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The PLAMEDI AIR MINI uses proprietary cold plasma technology to generate hundreds of millions of plasma ions into the air to effectively inactivate and sterilize bacteria, virus, and fungus in your immediate area. Weighing less than 100g, the PLAMEDI AIR MINI is designed for maximum convenience. With a USB cable, power your PLAMEDI AIR MINI in your car, office, and home for safe air.

1. High efficacy
– The PLAMEDI AIR MINI has been proven to produce 90 million ions per cubic centimeter.
– Higher than existing competitors on the market and proven capable of sterilizing an area of 30 cubic meters.

2. No filters needed
– The PLAMEDI AIR MINI will never require replacement filters.
– Rest assured knowing that the device will never require costly filter replacements.

3. Convenient
– Take the PLAMEDI AIR MINI with you as it can operate with a simple USB-C cord.
– No need to carry around a large device or worry about the efficacy of a smaller, untested device.

4. The PLAMEDI AIR MINI weighs approx. 100g.

1. Connect the provided C-type USB cable to the main device.

2. Connect the other end of the USB cable to a power source (USB adaptor, car cigar jack, etc.)

3. When the power LED is lit, the device is in “air sterilization mode (standard mode).”

4. During operation, if you press the power button 1 more time the LED light will start blinking and the device will enter ‘intensive sterilization mode”. After 5 minutes, the device will automatically enter ‘air sterilization mode (standard mode).’

*During intensive sterilization mode : Operate only when you are intending to sterilize a specific item. To intensively sterilize specific object, place object close to the plasma generation outlet.

5. To turn the device off or to turn it on again, press and hold the power button.
(When using the device in your vehicle, make sure to turn the device off before you exit your vehicle.)

※ To attach and fix the device to a specific area (car, etc), stick the enclosed removable adhesive glue dot to the bottom of the device and attach to place (dry, clean and free of grease).

– Please read the user manual prior to using the device.
– Do not disassemble, repair, or modify the device without an authorized engineer.
– When not using the device, disconnect and store the C-type USB cable.
– Use for 8 hours per day
– Keep out of reach from children and pets.
– Do not use the device for any other purposes outside the scope of the device.
– Do not let the device get wet.
– Do not store in places with high magnetic or electromagnetic wave generation.
– Avoid physical impact of the device.
– Use the correct voltage (DC 5.0V 0.5A or above), indicated in the product specifications. (5V, 1A or 5V, 2A adaptors are applicable) LED function and plasma generation may not operate at full extent when connected to a USB port of a PC, laptop or other electronic devices, and a USB hub that feature specifications lower than 0.5A.
– Using a high speed charger or a USB C to C type cable may affect the consistency and operation of the device. We recommend using the USB cable provided with the device in the packaging.
– If you feel there is a problem with the device, cease operation immediately, turn the power off, and contact your place of purchase.
– During a thunder storm, cease operation immediately and disconnect cable from power outlet.
– As a plasma generating device, PLAMEDI AIR MINI may cause a slight metallic odor during the intial phase of its operation. This odor, however, dissipates within a few seconds and is a safe and natural byproduct of generating plasma ions.
– While a minimal amount of ozone may be generated as a byproduct of plasma, the Korea Testing Laboratory institute has verified the device’s ozone generation to be lower than the FDA air purifier ozone standard of 0.05ppm.
– Do not store in places with direct sunlight and high humidity, and temperature.
– To prevent damage and malfunction of the device due to high heat generated during the summer (especially inside a vehicle), the device is designed to not operate above 55℃
– Do not operate or store the device in areas where there is constant exposure of direct sunlight and high temperature such as by a window or the dashboard of a vehicle.
–  If the device is exposed to high heat during use, cease operation immediately, turn the power off.

Manufacturer Warranty Terms

  1. Start from 7 June 2021, the manufacturer warrants the repairs to this product of  PlaMedi Air Mini to be free from defects in workmanship and materials and operate within original specifications for a period of 3 MONTHS from the date of purchase. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover failure of the product resulting from misuse, accident, improper handling.

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