SNOW FOX Ceramic Scent Diffuser with Essential Oil


Non-Fire, Non- Electric and Non Toxic ceramic scent diffuser with Australian Essential Oil.

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A beautiful natural ceramic Fox diffuser that scents without fire or electricity. Replaces a candle or electric Essential Oil diffuser. Non Toxic and All Natural, for wellness benefits. The diffuser comes with a specially paired oil Snow Fox fragrance “Sunday Morning” made from 100% natural, organic certified Australian essential oils that blended and bottled in Australia. We do not use any synthetic or artificial scent compounds in our fragrances, the Essential Oil Fragrance is blended by a certified Aromatherapist in Australia and is meant to promote mood boosting, emotional well being and general wellness.

• Essential Oil wellness properties that are safe to inhale
• Easy to use, No Fire, No Electricity
• Beautiful Interior Decor Addition
• Does not take up any space or cables
• A great gift for people who are familiar with the use Essential Oils and prefer softer diffusion rather direct application onto skin
• The more Essential Oils are used/ refilled, the stronger the scent and the longer it lasts

1. Gently lift Fox out of its base.
2. Unscrew the lid from Essential Oil bottle and pour all 25ml of oil into the base through the opening. Please be careful not to spill onto clothes. You may also pour half the bottle first and then use the rest of the bottle after 1 week, but this will may dry up faster.
3. Place the Fox back onto the base, ensuring that the scent rope is soaking in the oil content.
4. Place the Diffuser in a personal area where you spent a lot of time working, thinking or meditating. Essential Oils are meant to be absorbed through scent or skin for its aromatic benefits to impact well being. In this case, placing it near you in a smaller area like a desk or bedside will help you breathe in the natural aromas while you focus on other tasks.
5. Over a period of 1-4 weeks, depending on the climate, humidity and environment of the area, the Fox will soak up and diffuse the natural fragrance from the Essential Oils and change from white to a more yellow tone. This is normal as the oils are cold pressed and contain natural colour. The Fox may keep the scent within the ceramic for a longer period of time even after the oil is dry.
6. Once empty, refill with Snow Fox Essential Oils to regain original scent strength. For best results, use Snow Fox Essential Oils or only pure EO as these have been created to match the size of diffuser. *Customers may use their own fragrance oils or liquids, but we cannot guarantee the strength and quality of the scent diffusion.

Citrus sinensis* Oil (Orange), Lavandula Angustifolia* Oil (Lavender), Mentha Piperita* Oil (Peppermint)
*Certified organic agriculture


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