SNOW FOX Enjoy ‘MI’ Time Essential Oil


Inspired by Erica’s travel blog, “Enjoy Mi Time” Essential Oil made from organic essential oils and natural derivative that blended and bottled in Taiwan. The Essential Oil Fragrance is blended by a certified Aromatherapist in Taiwan and is meant to promote mood boosting, emotional wellbeing and general wellness.

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1. Citrus sinensis oil
– Sweet note to boost mood ad soothe anxiety

2. Citrus paradisi
– Fruit scent for a refreshing mood.

3. Orchidaceae
– Releases stress and calms mood.

4. Agave tequilana
– Charming light sweet note.

5.Vanilla planifolia
– Sweet note, soothing

– Musky scent , relaxing , masculine

Mood boosting, helps to soothe Anxiety.

1. Gently lift Fox out of its base.
2. Unscrew the lid from Essential Oil bottle and pour all 30ml of oil into the base through the opening.You may also pour half the bottle first and then use the rest of the bottle after 1.5 -2weeks, but this will may dry up faster.
3. Place the Fox back onto the base, ensuring that the scent rope is soaking in the oil content.
4. Place the Diffuser in a personal area where you spent a lot of time working, thinking or meditating.
5. Over a period of 4 weeks, depending on the climate, humidity and environment of the area, the Fox will soak up and diffuse the natural fragrance from the Essential Oils and change from white to a more yellow tone.
6. Once empty, refill with Snow Fox Essential Oils to regain original scent strength. ”

Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do NOT ingest the Essential Oil as this blend was made for this diffuser concept and not ingestion. Not suitable for pregnant and lactating women. It is not recommended for people with low blood pressure.

Citrus sinensis* oil, Citrus paradisi, Orchidaceae, Agave tequilana, Vanilla planifolia, Ambroxide, Ethyl alcohol.
*Certified organic agriculture


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