SYNERGIE SKIN Total Revitalizing Set


Synergie Skin® Ultimate A Night Serum(New form of Vitamin A) (10ml) + Vitamin B Serum (10ml) + Reclaim Age Management Moisturizer (30ml)

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10ml x2, 30ml x1

Synergie Skin® Ultimate A Night Serum(New form of Vitamin A) (30ml) + Vitamin B Serum (30ml) + Reclaim Age Management Moisturizer (30ml)

Synergie Skin® Ultimate A Night Serum(New form of Vitamin A) (10ml)

The latest liposomal encapsulation technology has been used to stabilise this form of retinol is the same technology as used to create retinol molecular. Retinol Rovisome™ is considered the gold standard in non-prescription retinoids due to:

Increased potency. Retinol Rovisome™ contains a higher concentration of pure retinol per liposomal envelope. Retinol Rovisome™ contains an astonishing 3 million international units of pure retinol per gram.

Greater delivery to target cells. Retinol Rovisome™ uses bioavailable phosphatidylcholine from soybeans to create a stable liposome to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin.

Low irritancy profile. Retinol Rovisome™ exhibits the same low irritancy profile as the original formula. There is no need to gradually increase usage. The encapsulation method used to create Rovisome prevents pure retinol attaching to undesirable cell receptors, which can cause a negative retinoid response.

Greater stability compared to pure retinol. Pure retinol is highly unstable. Retinol Rovisome™ is protected from degradation by its natural liposomal protection. This means that your product will exhibit high efficacy for the duration of its use.

Key Benefits of Stabilised Retinol:
Standard unstabilised retinol and retinaldehyde used in many other Vitamin A preparations exhibit instability when exposed to heat and air, rendering the product less active within weeks of use. Retinol Rovisome™ is highly stable and deeply penetrative. In vivo clinical studies have shown a 14% reduction in visible wrinkles after 28 days of application of Retinol Rovisome™, the stabilised retinol.
Restores dermal thickness
Reduces visible sun damage
Promotes the formation of healthy blood vessels
Protects skin from UV damage
Restores the epidermal barrier
Normalises oil levels and aids in the management of blemishes
Reduces fine lines through collagen stimulation
Reduces skin hyperpigmentation
Key Benefits of Other Key Ingredient – Witch Hazel:
A natural astringent and sanitising the skin. At the same time it aids with hydration and stabilises the barrier function of the skin. Furthermore, witch hazel reduces trans-dermal water loss (TEWL) while calming the skin and reducing skin redness.

Synergie Skin® Vitamin B Serum (10ml)
13% Vitamin B3 is the most versatile ingredient that is needed by all skin types and conditions.

Synergie Skin® Reclaim Age Management Moisturizer (30ml)
Reclaim is a potent blend of antioxidants, 6% peptides/ marine polysaccharide complex. Promotes long term reduction of fine lines, tightens sagging skin within minutes.
Suitable for all ageing skin (over 24) to reduce the appearance of lines and promote healthier collagen
Potent blend of peptides and antioxidants
Promotes collagen production
Reorganizes collagen fibres
Protects from collagen breakdown


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