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Follow the paths and rays of the celestial body and infuse mystical ring cuffs around the ears and hands. The beautiful blue tones of lapis lazuli, a stone symbolizing the Greek mythological goddess of love, beauty and sexuality. Can be worn as earrings or Wear as a ring.

*Pre-order: Handcrafted in Japan upon order, please expect 5 to 7 weeks for preparation and delivery.


A jewelry series that expresses the changing orbit of the planet.
Each stone has a theme based on planets such as Jupiter and Neptune.
This collection is inspired by these planets and universes, and the designs are based on them.
Like HERE DITAS, there are many kinds of jewelry that can be worn on fingers and ears. If it is a larger piece, it can exert its huge presence when used as a ring; when worn on the ear, this design can make you feel like the area around the ear is floating in the universe.
Smaller pieces are basically rings for the little finger, or used as a medium-sized ring and worn between the fingers.
The collection features pearl-filled moons and planet-themed shapes, and stars in a glittering starry sky, as well as jewelry designed to evoke planets such as Neptune. 

Product Care

After wearing the product, please wipe off sweat and dirt with a soft cloth.


Product Storage

Please avoid contacting with other jewelry or precious metals as the product may get scratched, so please wrap it in a soft cloth or store it in a jewelry box with compartments.

Please avoid storing the product with highly volatile items e.g. cosmetics as the product (e.g. pearls etc.) will lose its luster.


After-sale Service

Please properly keep the white warranty card stored in product box. The warranty card proves that the purchased product has been officially supplied by HERE DITAS. The manufacturer provides product after-sale service to the customers holding that warranty card only.

The manufacturer warrants to provide free warranty and repair service to this product due to product defect for a period of 90 days from the date of product delivery stated on the warranty card. The original sales invoice and warranty card must be presented upon requesting the warranty service, whilst does not cover the product failure resulting from intended, accidental, or improper handling. Otherwise, additional repair fees will be charged. If warranty and repair service is required, the customers need to contact the manufacturer and arrange the product delivery to the service address provided by manufacturer. All shipping costs involved will be borne by the customers.

Service address for product warranty and repair: 301 6-5-3 Shirokane Minatoku Tokyo Japan

Email: (

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