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KIKI HEALTH Children Body Biotics Gummies

Body Biotics Gummies are a whole-food probiotic formula created specifically to meet the unique needs of children from 4 years and up.

We combine our unique Body Biotics™with real fruit to create a delicious and nutritious supplement to help repopulate the gut with friendly bacteria for overall well being.

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Body Biotics Gummies are a microbiome blend of 8 bacterial cultures. They contain a combination of SBOs (soil-based organisms) and natural live cultures – including a high concentration of lacto and bifido strains. Contains 175mg of our Body Biotic Blend (SBO Soil-based organisms)


This microbiome food supplement is made using real non-GMO fruit ingredients grown without the use of toxic pesticides. They’re free from added sugars, binders, fillers, carriers and sweeteners.


✓ Helps restore a healthy balance of friendly bacteria to the GI tract

✓ May support digestive and intestinal health



  • 4-7years: 1 Gummies everyday
  • 7-11years: 2 Gummies everyday
  • 11 years or above: KIKI HEALTH Body Biotics™ SBO Bacterial Cultures


  • Take it 20-30 minutes before meal.



  • Avoid intake with hot water and coffee.
  • Max dos for the day: 2.

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