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SNOW FOX Ultra Soft Skin Perfecting Blender Set

The much-loved Ultra Soft Coconut Eco blender is an eco-friendly make up sponge that is latex free and free of artificial colors and dyes. Its grey color comes the natural coconut husk itself. The traditional fine precision teardrop shape blender is now upgraded with a new Blender Buddy – the slightly larger Polygon Multi-Function Blender, also known as the “high speed blender”.

HK$145.00 HK$130.50


The Polygon blender is an asymmetric, ultra-soft blender made from the same material as the original Coconut blender, however it has a unique 4-faced shape that allows fast blending of liquids for smooth, flawless buffing in seconds.


The wide flat surface area of its two sides helps to buff cheek, forehead, and chin – wider surface areas, quickly and with ease. The slanted flat tip, unlike the pointed head of the teardrop blender, is meant for both powder and liquid FAST under eye buffing.


The curved base also allows for traditional blender usage for those who want a curved sponge. The Polygon sponge is perfect for busy women who want to get their makeup perfectly on in the mornings without too much hassle, especially for those who blend two shades for their foundation. Can also be used to apply highlighter on cheek and nose bridges.



Both sponges have different shape functions – the teardrop blender has a precision tip point which helps to conceal spots and reach small areas of the face, while the curved edge is great for traditional blending. For those wanting to try a new way of blending, the Polygon sponge is a fantastic, new way of cutting down make up application time without giving up any of the smoothness of an effectively blended buff.



Wet sponge, squeeze out any excess water until damp. Dab to blend product into skin. Can be used damp or dry. Rinse after each use and replace sponge after 3 months for best hygiene.



Avoid contact with eyes, if any allergic reaction develops, please stop using immediately. Keep out of reach of children. Keep in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. External use only.

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