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    • Meeka Body BalmQuick View
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    • Meeka Body Balm

    • $510.00
    • 100 % natural A nourishing and protective lotion, enriched in organic Magnesium, Almond Oil, Rose hip and Shea butter. Fast absorbing to effectively hydrate and soften the skin while Magnesium gives you a boost of energy and helps relax, as it soothes muscle tension and helps detoxify your skin.
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  • Meeka Ayurvedic Activated Charcoal Oil PullingQuick View
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      Meeka Ayurvedic Activated Charcoal Oil PullingQuick View
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    • Meeka Ayurvedic Activated Charcoal Oil Pulling

    • $240.00
    • Oil Pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique to detoxify the entire body & provides support for the immune system & your oral health.Ingredients included Activated coconut charcoal, virgin coconut oil & sesame oil naturally whiten & detoxify the mouth drawing out bacteria, preventing tooth decay & bad breath.
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  • Meeka Body CleanserQuick View
  • Unnurella Wet-free Umbrella – folding typeUnnurella Wet-free Umbrella – folding typeQuick View