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SNOW FOX 24k Gua Sha Hair and Scalp Brush

Stimulate acupressure points and promote healthy hair growth with our new 24k gold-plated Gua Sha Hair & Scalp Brush.



  • 150 gold, stainless steel-and-titanium-plate needles scrape and massage over the reflexology and Meridian lines throughout the scalp, de-stressing and stimulating specific acupressure points
  • The gold needles are also coated with Anion (Negative Ion) Powder. Negative Ions are known to promote stable sleep patterns, minimize stress and depression symptoms and boost overall immune system function & well-being
  • Gentle yet stimulating enough to help boost and balance blood circulation in the scalp
  • A drug-free, traditional wellness solution for postpartum hair loss, premature hair loss, hair thinning and excessive hair fall
  • Use as an easy sensory, de-stressing scalp massage tool that also helps to brush through hair strands
  • Every component of this brush is handmade and assembled by traditional Taiwanese brush makers, using a proprietary design passed down through generations
  • Every purchase goes towards preserving a fast fading, centuries-old haircare tradition and art form. These brushes are made sustainably, ethically, with exceptional Artisanal workmanship honed from decades of experience. Our Brush Makers range from the ages of 65 to 80 years old, watch our video below for insight on how your brush is carefully created from start to finish
  • Pair with the Tetrapeptide And Ginseng Hair & Scalp Serum for best results



  • Soothing Massage
  • Detangles hair
  • De stresses muscles
  • Stimulates acu-pressure points on scalp
  • Stimulates cranial points along the scalp to relax facial muscles
  • Minimizes excessive hair fall and thinning by keeping the scalp from stress build up
  • Minimizes hair strand breakage, promoting thicker, stronger hair strands
  • Promotes healthy hair growth and recovery from postnatal or stress related hair loss



For best results, sweep across the scalp 5 minutes daily while brushing clean, dry hair.

Apply gentle to medium pressure depending on preference.

Sweep from front of the hairline backwards, in a pulling motions, while brushing hair. Make sure to connect with scalp during hair brushing as the massage function is the key focus of this product.

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