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SNOW FOX Instant Cloud Skin Pore Smoothing Make Up Brush

Our vegan SNOW FOX Cloud Skin brush features ultra soft, silky and gentle bristles designed to mimic the feel and density of mink hair without the cruelty of animal fur farms. It helps to blur the look of pores, fine lines, cover up under eye circles and hard to reach areas with minimal product, whether it’s liquids or powders. Unlike the majority of “toothbrush” shaped make up tools, it features a sturdy flexi neck for easy control, as well as a narrow tipped head for versatility and reach into the smallest surface areas with gentle pressure – perfect for eye and nasolabial areas, or for sensitive skin in general.


Named the Cloud Skin brush for its filter-effect on skin in minutes, this is the next generation of cruelty free makeup tools that ensures a luxury makeup look, guilt- free. The brush is designed for a professional makeup look without the need of professional make up skills.


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  1. 【Super Soft Bristles】- Recyclable Synthetic Fiber

– Made of high-quality recyclable synthetic fibers, imitating the texture of mink hair, very delicate, soft and silky, suitable for sensitive skin and environmentally-friendly

– High density, fine and thick bristles, can apply liquid foundation on face evenly without leaving traces, effectively cover large pores

– Triangular corn head shape can cover under eye and nasal wing


2.【Environmental-friendly brush handle and cover】- Recyclable plastic

– The handle and lid are made of recyclable plastic, which is environmentally friendly and durable

– Comes with protective cover to keep the foundation brush hygienic and easy to carry



  1. Apply makeup quickly in 1 minute

– The Toothbrush shaped makeup brush is easy to use. It can finish the makeup quickly in 1 minute and minimizes the look of pores, imperfections and rough texture in seconds

– High density bristles which can blurs the look of pores, fine lines, rough texture, blackhead and more

– Reduce 40% makeup


  1. Perfect for beginners, creating a professional and meticulous makeup

– The fine and thick bristles can apply foundation evenly on face, perfectly covering pores and facial imperfections without leaving any traces

– Due to the triangular corn head shape, it can cover an area with enlarged pores. Narrow pointed tip for under eye concealing. Specially contoured shape for under eye and hard to reach areas.

– Perfect for makeup beginners, it is easy to operate and create a perfect makeup look


  1. Suitable for sensitive skin

– Softness, density, gentleness and smoothness for skin

– It will not easily irritate the skin and reduce the chance of allergies


  1. Multiple uses

– Multi-purpose, can be used for daily makeup and daily skincare routine

– For daily makeup: suitable for applying liquid foundation, cream foundation, concealer, rouge, powder and sunscreen, for a flawless look

– For daily skincare: suitable for essential oil and face cream, it can apply the skin care products evenly and easily to absorb

*Customers are advised to buy 2 brushes, 1 for makeup and 1 for skincare usage


  1. Eco-friendly, environmental-friendly

– The bristles, handle and protective cover are made of recyclable materials, it can maintain ecologically sustainability, and at the same time very durable

– Animal friendly, by using high class nylon


  1. Clean and hygienic

– Comes with a protective cover to protect the brush and keep it clean, more durable and easy to carry

– Easy to clean, just wash and leave it dry, it is easier to maintain than an animal hair brush



– Sweep the smoothing brush on top of foundation or concealer in circular motions, to buff and blend outwards

– Rinse after use with soap to minimize bacteria build up

*Can use for makeup and skincare products



If skin feels red or irritated, please stop using it.

For external use only.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Keep out of reach of children.

Keep in a cool dry place.

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