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ami iyök DRYSKIN-OASIS Anti-Ageing Day Cream for Dry Skin

A creamy and silky emulsion that affords drier skin types a rapid feeling of hydration and comfort. Its ease of absorption and sweet and mild fragrance afford the face care experience an intense exotic sensation.


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DRY SKIN OASIS deeply moisturises and tackles the signs of skin ageing, restoring its elasticity.
The combination of Olive Oil, Sacha Inchi Oil, Bamboo, Beeswax and Almond Oil restructure and strengthen the skin, rebuilding its natural barriers.

Tens’Up™ as a plant-derived tightener with a lifting effect, combined with Argireline with its “”Light Botox”” effect and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acld that fills in wrinkles and expression lines, thereby treating the skin’s signs of ageing from every angle.

Tens’Up™ combine with two main active ingredients Cichorium intybus L and Caesalpinia spins(Mol) O. Kuntze , it can make an immediate lifting or tightening action on skin surface , also increase collagen synthesis so as to reduce wrinkles.

1. In VIVO

  • A panel of 15 volunteers (40 – 65 years) has performed a single application of an aqueous solution at 10% of TENS’UP™ and its effect has been assessed at 5 minutes and at 2 hours after its application
  • More than 90% of volunteers confirm this immediate tightening effect, both at 5 minutes and at 2 hours after application. Anti-wrinkle action is also highly appreciated by the volunteers.



  • The products to be tested have been two cosmetic formulations containing 5% TENS’UP™ and they have been applied topically on skin samples, every day for 6 days.
  • The application of TENS’UP™ causes an increase in collagen levels.
  • If results are compared with Control, there is a 15% increase for TENS’UPTM at 5%



  • Powerful Slow-Ageing
  • Powerful hydration
  • Enhances skin’s elasticity and tone
  • Restructures and strengthens the skin
  • Diminishing wrinkles and expression lines
  • Prevent and combat the signs of ageing line




Apply daily to dry skin that has been cleansed and toner. Using both hands, apply in upward motions, in the opposite direction to the wrinkle. Gently massage by means of light energetic touches with the fingertips until fully absorbed.



Pregnant women should consult their doctors before using

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