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SYNERGIE SKIN Retinol-Enzyme Mask

A reparative exfoliant harnessing a synergistic blend of stabilised retinol, enzymatic peptide technology and fruit enzymes of pineapple and papaya, this mask is designed to resurface the skin and reset cellular function.

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Compared with Ultimate A, Retinol-Enzyme contains triple of retinol. It quickly showing the following effects:

1. Prevent melanin precipitation for brighten and even skin tone

  •  Repair cells and reduce acne scars immediately
  • Fade the formed spots, age spots and sun spots. It helps to enhance the skin’s whiteness
  • Enhance the brightness and luster of the overall skin tone


2. The skin becomes more delicate by improving roughness and dark particles

  • Skin becomes more delicate by maintaining a normal 28-day renewal cycle
  • Eliminate the clogged pores for prevent acne problem


3. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

  • Stimulate the regeneration of collagen and prevent further decomposition.
  • Strengthen the thickness of dermis to smooth wrinkles and improve firmness
  • Effectively reduces wrinkles by 14% after 28 days of use


4. Increase the density of stratum corneum

  • Reduce the occurrence of skin sensitivity by restore the epidermal barrier function
  • Prevent blood vessel dilation and promote healthy blood vessel formation


5. Enhance the absorption of subsequent skincare products

  • After exfoliation, skin care products are more easy to penetrate into the skin and enhance the skincare effect.


6. Combine exfoliating, brightening, even skin tone, and antioxidant effects

  • Use 1 product with 10 minutes to improve skin quality


7. Improve skin blood circulation

  •  Sanguinity skin colour and reduce edema


8. Increase the formation of healthy blood vessels in the dermis

  • Nutrients can be transformed and transported healthier
  • Promote wound self-repair



Apply a thin layer of Retinol Enzyme evenly over your cleansed face. Allow to activate and slightly dry for 10 minutes. Remove using a gommage technique. It is important to support the skin on the face, which you can do by making a “V” with one hand and rubbing between the “V” with the fingers of the other hand to roll the product off in the direction of the hair growth. Finish by rinsing your skin or gently wiping over your skin with the Gentle X-Fol Cloth to remove the remnants of the mask following gommage.
*Maximum 1 time per week


Patch test before use. In the event of adverse reaction, discontinue use and consult your medical professional. Not suitable for pregnant and lactating women. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children. Keep in a cool dry place.

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